This notice is to inform you that the server nitro.securespace.xyz has been moved over to another Data Center due to major hardware failure since the last couple of days.

As such we have migrated your entire Server and any instances of data loss or missing data are highly unlikely. However, we sincerely encourage that you double check your data once again and report any anomalies within this ticket as soon as possible. Your existing server will be taken down after 2Days and therefore any missing data reported thereafter may be beyond recovery.

You will need to change the DNS records for your hosted domains to point to your new server IPs. Below are your server details:

Primary IP:
New Hostname: aspire.securespace.xyz
Primary Nameserver: ns7.securespace.xyz( 
Secondary Nameserver: ns8.securespace.xyz(

We hope in good faith that you will realize we are always working towards the best interest of our customers and this unconditional move was a proactive initiation on our part to avoid any subsequent issues at a later point arising out of possible hardware failures.

If you have any further questions concerning this move or require further assistance, kindly open a ticket. We thank you for your co-operation.

HostSect Web Hosting

Friday, September 21, 2018

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