How do I backup my entire site in cPanel?

Entire accounts can be backed up by doing the following:

  1. Go to 'backup', under the 'Site Management' header in cPanel.
  2. Underneath where it says "Full Backups", click on the link that says "Generate/Download a Full Backup"
  3. Select which method you wish to use, whether you want to copy the backup directly to another ftp server, or if you wish to generate the backup in your home directory of your account with us. If you don't know which to choose here, the first one (Home Directory) is usually the best choice
  4. Enter an email address.
  5. Only answer the other two questions if you are backing up to another FTP server.
  6. Press 'Generate Backup'.
  7. When you get the email that the backup is finished, go into cPanel/files/legacy file manager
  8. Select the root folder /
  9. Select the backup and then click download in the right side menu
  10. When you have the file on your PC, delete the backup in the same menu

You have now successfully backed up your full cPanel account (not your customers if you are a reseller). cPanel will mail you when your backup is complete.

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