How to add a package in WHM?

The following article explains how to add, edit and delete packages in WHM. A package is a template that can be assigned to a customer, which controls the levels of access that customer has for their account.

To add a package, please follow these steps:

Click the Packages link.

Click Add Packages.

This is where you set up a new predefined account package.

Simply Title the package and go down the line, setting limits for each of the resources.

Enter the necessary information:
  • Package Name: enter a name for the package
  • Quota: enter a quota in MegaBytes
  • Shell Access: check to give account shell access
  • Max FTP Account: enter the maximum number of FTP accounts allowed
  • Max Email Accounts: enter the maximum number of email accounts allowed
  • Max Email Lists: enter the maximum number of email lists allowed
  • Max SQL Databases: enter the maximum number of SQL databases allowed
  • Max Sub Domains: enter the maximum number of sub domains allowed
  • Max Parked Domains: enter the maximum number of parked domains allowed
  • Max Addon Domains: enter the maximum number of add-on domains allowed
  • IP: check to enable IP based hosting
  • CGI Access: check to grant CGI access
  • FrontPage Extensions: check to enable the FrontPage extensions
  • Bandwidth Limit: enter a bandwidth limit in MegaBytes
  • cPanel Theme: select a theme from the dropdown
  • Feature List: select a feature list from the dropdown

NOTE: the Bandwidth must be entered in Megabytes and not gigabytes.

When finished, click the Add button.

That’s it! The new account has been added and can now be used to speed up the hosting account creation process

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